How To Make French Grammar Relevant

It’s June! After a winter season that seemed to never end, the finish line is now in view for countless students who are ready (more than ever) to put another school year behind them. For proud teachers like myself, this time of year is also spent reflecting on what worked in class and what didn’t work.

1. Le subjonctif. This is probably one of the most hated French tenses, if there ever was one. Students sometimes have difficulty understanding when exactly to use this tense and what it’s English equivalent is. I hummed and hawed over this one for a while, when trying to find a way to make it interesting and engaging. Enter: embarrassing video from the past! My students participated in a Lipdub during their first year of high school and now being in Grade 11 they wanted to see what they used to look like. I showed this video and had the students discuss what needed to be done in order to organize this event and the instructions that would have to be followed by all students. Great way to apply this tense AND made for great entertainment on a Friday 🙂