Half Of Teaching Is Learning

Wow, so this is what blogging feels like! Although I definitely have anxiety about finding the right words to express my expectations for this year, I am very excited to share some of the highlights of my official start in the teaching profession. As a Concurrent Education student, I have frequently learned about the power of journalling in today’s classrooms. Countless professors have emphasized that true learning cannot be achieved without some degree of self-reflection. So hopefully through blogging I can begin to reflect on my own teaching successes and failures (preferably more of the former than the latter), in order to become the best possible teacher that I can be!

As a future educator it is vital to acknowledge how societal changes permeate the walls of schools. It comes as no surprise that technology has become a cornerstone of a student’s life. Since we as educators must strive to create meaningful and authentic learning experiences for our students, it makes perfect sense to bring technology into the classrooms! Last year I attended an educational workshop at Brock University called “Getting Equipped To Use Free Web 2.0 Tools: Bridging The Learning Gap”. I remember being fascinated by the presenter, a former head of Science in the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board, and his passion for electronic gadgets. In a period of just 3 hours I was introduced to a few of the amazing ways to creatively use Ipods and cellphones to enhance the curriculum. However as with all forms of learning, that was just the tip of the iceberg. Half the battle is learning how to use the technology, and the other half is learning how to use it in a way that engages students.

4 thoughts on “Half Of Teaching Is Learning

  1. Terrific observations! I have found that those who are passionate about engaging students in meaningful ways are the ones that see past the potential barriers of learning new technologies. In essence the possibilities “ease the pain” of learning because we see the purposefulness of it all. It’s all part and package of being a learner. We learn new things that have and bring value to our lives. On the flip side, too many teachers experience decontextualized one-shot professional development (the workshop) that does not help them really make these connections. The see technology as just one more thing to do/learn. One more fad. Another “cool” device or website.

    It sounds like you are already aware of the direction you want to head with all of this 🙂

  2. A very inspiring entry Safia ; ) We (pre-service) students are all in the same boat… with the same anxiety. I will be giving you a hug at grad before you know it, hang in there!

  3. I also believe that it is important to acknowledge the different societal changes that help to shape our students and schools. By recognizing new developments in technology for example, we are able to adapt our lesson plans in order to help our students to succeed in school. I really enjoyed reading your post!

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